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Please call us at (303) 898-8027 to relocate your honeybee swarm from a tree or bush to a humane, organic and safe beehive. We only remove bee swarms from outside areas and do not remove bees from walls, roofs or structures - that usually takes a fair amount of time and some special equipment and is not something we can do. We are local beekeepers with day jobs - we just love bees, put them in hives and use the honey they produce.

If you have a honeybee swarm in north and central Denver, Boulder or Longmont Colorado, we may be able to come out and relocate them to a hive. We try to respond as quickly as possible, but please be patient and
leave a message if we don't answer. It is typically easier for us to get swarms during the week rather than on weekends, but try us anytime. If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as possible! This is a phone number for Tony Lewis.

PLEASE CALL: (303) 898-8027


Bees typically "swarm" or ball up in a football or baseball shape, often hanging from a tree branch or in a bush - we can remove them quickly and easily (usually!) and it's always free. Click here to see pictures of typical bee swarms.

Bees swarm normally in the spring (in Colorado anytime from early March through the end of summer) and in this state are very docile and safe - unless you disturb the swarm. They often leave their hive in early spring due to overcrowding or a weak queen and half the hive flies away from their current home (they "swarm") and typically land in a tree or bush, forming into a softball or football shape hanging from a branch or encircling a trunk. This is the swarm - and it's a temporary resting place where the majority of the bees land and ball up to protect the queen, while other bees (scout bees) are out looking for a permanent home. Beekeepers like us are able to take the swarm from this temporary place and put them in a container for a trip home to one of our hives.

You should never pay to have your bees removed unless it's from inside a wall or structure - and you should never use an extermination company or anyone who won't tell you where your bees will go. Typically, these companies destroy the bees they take out of your yard - they are exterminators, not bee lovers.

We do not harm bees. They are an important part of the ecosystem and pollinate our crops and provide us with delicious honey. Please help us save the bees!

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